About Us



Welcome to the ARISE and SHINE LIFESTYLE! Arise and Shine Lifestyle is a sister to many lifestyle centres locally and international whose purpose is to promote natural treatments and prevention of diseases. The centre established in 2016 is envisaged to grow and become one of the well-known centres in the country (South Africa) and worldwide for its tenacity and robustness through its use of naturally and scientifically proven methods. It’s established to become a lifestyle centre to combat disease and alleviate chances of sicknesses for the South African and international visitors.

The centre is fully supported by healthcare professionals, medical missionaries and health cooking professionals who use natural healing methods, and healthy cooking skills as guided by God Almighty. We look forward to not only providing quality lifestyle services but also training and educating the com­ munity to make informed choices about their general well-being. To ensure this we also provide plant based products and natural remedies in order for our clients to sustain their well-being.

Background of the whole Story behind us.

Of all the possessions we might have, health is the most vital and precious. Some people enjoy health without making any great effort. These are the lucky few who have inherited strong constitutions and mental genes from ancestors. The vast majority of people however, is much less fortunate and suffers ill health in one form or another.

Modern Orthodox medicine has done much to lengthen life expectancy and overcome many fatal diseases but in so doing has left a great number of people alive but not well. It is these people suffering from some long standing chronic complaint, who stand to benefit greatly from using raw and healthy plant-based foods.

Research by many eminent health workers has revealed that our modern sophisticated diet is responsible for much of the ill health in the world today

What of the  Orthodox Medicine ?

Generally approved medicine is losing the battle against disease. There is a an acceptable belief that is gaining ground in western culture that we have reached the stage of being resistant to antibiotics through over consumption of meat products.

Antibiotics came into general practice in the 40’s being heavily promoted as the armed soldiers, who would protect us from deadly diseases of the day which they did to perfection. After several WHO warnings over the past decade, science is now begging the question that we may be at the crossroad as far as antibiotic resistance is concerned.

A large part of the blame is placed on the years of antibiotic that have been pumped into animals to speed their growth and ultimate delivery into our plates as soon after birth as possible. It is from eating these animals that antibiotic residues accumulate year after within us. “Richard Penfoundre”

Vision & Mission

A God-driven, people-centred approach promoting healthy lifestyle through natural healing methods, lifestyle-focus training and a never ending learning system with quality wholistic care, delivering excellent service to its guests irrespective of nationality, gender and religion . Credit for all successes of the centre is directed to the Almighty God in Whose power resides all knowledge and understanding


Arise and Shine Lifestyle is committed to demonstrating the love and healing ministry of Christ by providing comprehensive, competent & excellent healthcare for all.