Arise&Shine Lifestyle Centre

We supported by healthcare professionals, medical missionaries and health cooking professionals who use natural healing methods, and healthy cooking skills as guided by God Almighty.

Comprehensive & competent healthcare for all

We are  sister to many lifestyle centres locally and international whose purpose is to promote natural treatments and prevention of diseases. The centre established in 2016 is envisaged to grow and become one of the well-known centres in the country (South Africa) and worldwide for its tenacity and robustness through its use of naturally and scientifically proven methods. It’s established to become a lifestyle centre to combat disease and alleviate chances of sicknesses for the South African and international visitors.

About Us

A God-driven, people-centred approach promoting healthy lifestyle through natural healing methods, lifestyle-focus training and a never ending learning system with quality wholistic care, delivering excellent service to its guests irrespective of nationality, gender and religion

“To ensure this we also provide plant based products and natural remedies in order for our clients to sustain their well-being.”

Medical Missionaries

For Your Health

We look forward to not only providing quality lifestyle services but also training and educating the com­munity to make informed choices about their general well-being.




building mutual trust accountability, and teamwork



of excellence, continuous assessment and strategic growth



to nature, enhancing services, and strengthening relationships



in word and deed, genuine, and ethical stewardship



through reinforcement through trainings and celebration of outstanding service



through compassionate care


  • N –    Nutrition
  • E –    Exercise
  • W-    Water
  • S –    Sunlight
  • T –   Temperance
  • A-    Air
  • R –   Rest
  • T –   Trust in God

“Thank you so much for helping me with my condition. I had been struggling with this for a while and i was about to give up. I must say i am surprised that I managed to get full relief. Pain killers had really failed me. .”

– Lindiwe

“If the root cause of chronic disease is not addressed, symptoms will either continue unabated or will improve for a time and then return. I learned this the hard way. However after your help my issues have been addressed from the root. I can sleep through the night now without worrying. Thanks”

– Sam Ngwira

"A few years ago I was really struggling with IBD, extreme fatigue making getting out of bed in the morning difficult, brain fog so bad that I felt I had a mental disorder. I didn't feel myself. I felt disassociated, like someone else was living in my body. Every conventionally trained doctor thought my labs were normal. After undergoing the treatments the natural way, I can testify that all is gone."

– Nokuphiwa Mbatha

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